Watch Ariana Grande And Jimmy Fallon Perform A Duet Made Entirely In Snapchat

So many filters.

Ariana Grande is quickly becoming the queen of Snapchat segments on late-night talk shows. First she got trapped in the dog filter in Jimmy Kimmel's horror film, and now she's testing out the rest of the collection in a new duet with Jimmy Fallon.

Ariana and Jimmy combined snaps of themselves lip-syncing along to Ariana's song "Into You." The result is a music video that's so 2016 the only things missing are Pokémon and a Donald Trump reference.

They use just about every goofy filter you could think of, from bread face to rainbow puke, with more than a few mustaches thrown in for good measure. 

By the time you finish watching the video, you may forget what Ariana and Jimmy even look like in real life, especially after you see their face swap. Where does one end and the other begin?


Ariana closes the video in the bee filter, saying, "I love you, Jimmy" in a squeaky voice and blowing a kiss to the camera. In response, Jimmy can't seem to stop puking rainbows. 

Here's hoping these two collaborate again very soon.

See if you can spot your favorite filter in the video below:


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