Is This A Date Right Now?

Find out if it's a date.

What time of day is it?


How long did it take you to get ready?

How many times did you change your outfit?

What are the two of you wearing?

How did you greet each other?

Where are you?

What's on the table?

How many people are there?

What did you talk about?

Are you splitting the check?

How are you getting home?

Did you tell all your friends about it afterwards?


Your Result: Definitely not.

There is a good chance you are imagining that any of this happened at all.

Your Result: This was a date, and a damn good one.

Go tell your friends there might be a new hubby in town.

Your Result: Do not propose anytime soon.

Sorry, friend. But you are either dealing with someone who lacks interest or you're uninterested yourself.

Your Result: Maybe.

You're either getting mixed signals or you're bad at this.

Your Result: You are going to get to decide if this was a date or not.

Did you have fun? Date! Were you unimpressed? You can get away with calling it a friendly outing.

Your Result: Yes, definitely.

There is a good chance, at this very moment, you have a significant other.


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