These Luxury Tree Houses For Adults Are What Childhood Dreams Are Made Of

These will spark your imagination.


There's something so dreamy about a tree house. Perhaps it reminds you of your favorite childhood story, or of your own makeshift tree house in your backyard as a kid.

Those days may seem far away, but just because you've grown up, doesn't mean you can't experience the magic of a tree house anymore. Tree houses can be for any age, and all kinds of people are building their own elaborate getaways. To show us just how amazing some of these imaginative structures are, Architectural Digest rounded up six luxury tree houses adults can enjoy

The homes, featured in the video above, include a gorgeous bamboo house in Hawaii and The Little Red Tree house in Ohio, which also happens to be a former brewery. There are also ones with hot tubs and saunas, gorgeous views of New Zealand, fireplaces, and more. Some of are used as vacation spots, while others can even be lived in.

Besides the tree houses shown in the video, there are plenty other magical spots all around the world, waiting for us to explore. Check out some of our favorites below.

1. UFO Tree Hotel, Sweden

2. Mirrorcube by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter, Sweden

3. Hapuku Lodge Tree Houses, New Zealand

4. Redwoods Tree House, New Zealand

5. The Alnwick Garden Tree House

6. Tree Cabin in Sierra de Huétor Natural Park, Spain

7. Casa Barthel, Italy

8. White Lotus, Virginia

9. Monbazillac, France

10. Secluded Intown Tree House, Georgia

11. Tree House Canopy Room: Permaculture Farm, Florida

Cover photo via Shutterstock / Hartrey Media


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