Buckle Up For Your Next Road Trip Down These 9 Enchanting Roads

Let's drive.

When you think about a long drive you may consider traffic, uncomfortable seating arrangements, and sheer boredom. But road trips can be quite amazing if you have the time, the right route, music, and destination.

In a recent video for Architectural Digest, the publication's rounded up nine coastal roads perfect for long car trips, pointing out that road trips are ideal for bonding with friends or family and catching some incredible views. 

"Cruise along a viaduct that crosses a deep canyon along the Pacific coast," the publication captions the video. "Forget straightaways as you navigate through 500 turns on a tropical highway. Cut across islands in a Scandinavian sea. Voyage through the greenest fields on Earth. Trace the edge of cliffs on one of the Mediterranean's most scenic routes."

With that, the video highlights everything from Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, California, the Hana Highway in Maui, Hawaii, Chapman's Peak Drive in Cape Town, South Africa, and the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. The Great Ocean Road, for example, leads visitors to the Twelve Apostles while showcasing Australia's breathtaking coastline. 

Check out all nine rides below — we guarantee you'll be planning your next trip straight away. 


1. Bixby Bridge (Big Sur, California)

2. Baie du Cap (Mauritius)

3. Hana Highway (Maui, Hawaii)

4. Atlantic Ocean Road (Molde, Norway)

5. Avenida del Mar (Coquimbo, Chile)

6. Single Track Coast Road (Slea Head, Ireland)

7. Chapman's Peak Drive (Cape Town, South Africa)

8. D81 (Calanches, Corsica, France)

9. Great Ocean Road (Victoria, Australia)

For more amazing routes, check out the video below:


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