Architect-Turned-Baker Uses Math And Design To Create Pastries Too Stunning To Eat

"My life has completely changed."

This pastry chef uses skills she learned as an architect to create bakes that look more like beautifully designed sculptures than cakes you can dig your fork into. Ukrainian baker Dinara Kasko, 28, has become known for her striking, aesthetically pleasing cakes, crafted using principles from mathematics and design. 


To make her desserts, Kasko starts by imagining what her final product will look like. After coming up with the design, she creates a 3D model on her computer, prints a cake mold on a 3D printer using plastic, and casts it with silicone. She then fills the silicone mold with her ingredients and bakes it. 

"At the very end, it's very important to get this mold with its filling well-frozen," Kasko told A Plus. "Afterwards, I can take the silicone mold off and decorate the cake or tart with glaze or velour."

She favors cakes with geometric shapes such as cubes, triangles, and spheres and likes to use sharp, straight lines in her work. When it comes to color, she prefers to work with black, red, and white. 

So, how did she go from working in architecture to finding success as a pastry chef? 

"Since my childhood, I have been interested in different kinds of art. I attended dance classes and took up photography," Kasko explained. "After graduating from the [Kharkov] University of Architecture, I worked as a visualizer for a long time. I created pictures of different interiors and exteriors." 

After a few years of working in architecture, she decided to start experimenting with pastries and applying her knowledge to her bakes. 

"I have always liked cakes. Since my early childhood, I have liked sweets. When my mom cooked a dessert, it was a holiday for me. When I became an adult and got my own kitchen, I could bake whatever I want and whenever I want. It was something that I really enjoyed," Kasko said. "Generally speaking, my architectural background has influenced my taste and style. I know what I want and I create what I like. It has taught me the right proportions, how to design and create beautiful objects of the right proportions."

In addition, her experience in architecture design taught her to use different 3D modeling programs and experiment with 3D printing. She uses the different software programs to develop and change her cake designs and then prints them.

"I can make a model of my cake with the help of these software programs, see how it looks, and change it," Kasko said. She explores different shapes, sizes, and colors before sending it to her personal 3D printer. 

She hopes to continue learning more and more about patisserie through studying, modeling, and baking. 

Overall, Kasko is glad she decided to pursue baking instead of architecture. 

"My life has completely changed," she said. "I am not such a pastry chef that works in a particular place and goes to work every day. I travel a lot. Some attention is being drawn to me, so I always have to make products of high-quality and surprise people." 

Thanks to social media, her bakes have gotten a lot of attention online. Kasko has amassed more than 540,000 followers on her Instagram and her desserts have gone viral on Twitter

You can check out more of Kasko's creations below.

"I never thought that one day, I would become famous. I just started doing what I like. And I think that this is one of the most important things in our life to do what you really like, and it will bring success to you," she said. "My story is about an average girl that lives in a small apartment creates something that becomes popular. A lot of people invite me to teach a class in their country, take part in different events, visit exhibitions, and so on. Two years ago, I had no idea that my life would change that way." 


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