Guy Creates A Crazy Dance In An Arcade While Rockin' On The Drums

The tempo never looked this cool.

James McVinnie was minding his own business in a Tokyo arcade when a guy next to him started to play a rhythm drumming game and the guy really got into it a little too much. He was drumming and rocking it out at the same time with an original, crazy dance.

You know it's not the first time he played this game, but it certainly was his most memorable. Take a look at his wicked awesome drumming and dancing moves:


1. He dances while drumming.

2. He bangs the drum and then spins around.

3. He drums with a hand behind his back.

4. And then the dance gets weird.

5. He pauses to point his sticks at people.

6. He does a funny pose ... and then goes crazy again.

7. He drops his stick and picks it up like nothing happened.

8. And that's using your head.

Watch the full video of the dance:


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