This Organization Is Trying To Plant 100 Million Trees And You Can Help

"It can be easy to take trees for granted."

The Arbor Day Foundation is leading an initiative to plant 100 million trees by the year 2022. Its push, dubbed Time for Trees, comes on the heels of a disastrous wildfire season that burned over 500,000 acres of land.

Time for Trees will combine efforts like reforestation to local projects in suburban and urban areas to achieve its goal. Around 65 percent of the projects will happen in rural areas, according to Fast Company, and the organization hopes its effort will slow the 18 million acres of trees that are lost every year.

If Arbor Day Foundation hits its goal, the organization claims the 100 million trees will absorb over eight million tons of carbon during their lifetime. That's the same as taking 6.2 million cars off the road for an entire year, its website says. The trees will also filter airborne pollution and clean water runoff. 

The goal is ambitious. Since 1972, the organization has planted 300 million trees. To plant 100 million in just three years would be a serious jump, but it has a plan: activate corporate and local partners across the country. Corporations from FedEx to Bank of America have committed to helping, and some corporate sponsors are even offering to help Time for Trees deliver free native trees to homeowners. 

In California, where wildfires raged this year, Arbor Day Foundation is hoping to plant two million trees on private property and restore decimated forests on public land. 

"It can be easy to take trees for granted, but they are absolutely critical to maintaining balance on our planet – supporting clean air and water, healthy food and a livable climate," Dan Lambe, president of the Arbor Day Foundation, said in a press release. "With an estimated 18 million acres of forests lost globally each year, that balance is being shaken, and the Time for Trees initiative – our organization's largest undertaking to date – will provide a powerful solution."

Cover image via  g-stockstudio / Shutterstock.


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