Arab Women And Men Are Posting Selfies To Prove There's No One Way To Be Beautiful


It's a fact that each culture has its fair share of beauty standards and stereotypes, but Arab men and women are using a hashtag to combat those standards. 

On Sept. 5, Twitter user Sarah Mahmoud and three of her friends started the hashtag #TheHabibatiTag, geared toward all genders, and began to post selfies with where their culturally tied. 

Habibati, per the trusty Urban Dictionary, is an Arabic slang term of endearment. 

"It's meant to promote pride, positivity, love and respect inside of the Arab community as well as outside. So feel free to post under it and show how prideful we are to be Middle Eastern," she wrote. 


The hashtag quickly caught, on and people started sharing their selfies and where they hail from. 

The photos ranged from women to men, gay to straight, and were from all different countries. Some women wore hijabs while others wore lipstick. A ton donned both. 

Each showed off their heritage and with a great message at that: stereotypes don't tell the whole story. 

We'll let the people showing off their Arab pride do that.

Check 'em out.

Stereotypes, what stereotypes?

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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