13 Grand Adventures This Tiny Human Went On Without Leaving Her Bed

The actual sweetest thing.

Little Chi Ara might only be barely a month old, but she's already made enough memories to last a lifetime.

Chi's mom, pooburr on Instagram, has an adorable hobby that's taken Chi from inside the belly of a whale to the outer reaches of space, all from the comfort of her bed.

With the help of a few well-placed blankets and stuffed toys, the mom transforms naptime into the stuff of baby daydreams. It's amazing what she manages to create using things that we all have access to.

Check out Chi on her adventures below.


"I whale not take a nap!"

"Would you like a [little] mustard with your lobster roll?"

"Sushi of the day."

"Feeding time for Mr. Giraffe."


"Stuck in the fifth dimension."

"Little Beethoven in the making."

"A little tea party with Mr. Lion."

"Hip hop hooray!"


"Cold November rain."

"Little Cupid Is 1 week old!"

"One day we'll find it, the rainbow connection."

(H/T: Design Taxi)


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