Who's In The 'Aquarius' Cast? David Duchovny Isn't The Only Familiar Face.

This dark drama is full of recognizable stars.

Welcome back, David Duchovny. The "X-Files" star has been missing from our televisions for nearly a year, since "Californication" bowed last June. Now he's back in NBC's period cop drama "Aquarius," which follows Charles Manson's descent from hippie musician to mass murderer — from the perspective of the detectives who tracked him. The show looks thrilling, stylish and just a little scary. Who's in the cast of "Aquarius"? This show features plenty of familiar faces. If you're a fan of "Game of Thrones," "The Vampire Diaries," "Bunheads," or "Friday Night Lights," then "Aquarius" features someone you'll recognize.

Though the show is based on real events that happened 50 years ago, its format is totally 21st century. NBC will air "Aquarius" on a weekly basis, on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET, but the network is also making the entire series available on its website and mobile app. You can binge all 13 episodes starting May 29. And just because you think you know what happened to Manson in the end, doesn't mean this show won't still be full of drama and surprises. The serial killer story weaves in and out of the season, but the detectives spend lots of time working other cases as well.


David Duchovny as Sam Hodiak

Of course, Duchovny is best known for playing Detective Fox Mulder in "The X-Files," a role he'll reprise in the upcoming reboot. But he's also starred in "Californication," and "Twin Peaks," and he recently wrote a novel called "Holy Cow," because why not.

Sam is an old-school detective, which means he came up in the 1940s. He's not a fan of the touchy-feely new way of doing police work that his younger partner, Brian, espouses.

Gethin Anthony as Charles Manson

You probably know Anthony for playing Renly Baratheon on "Game of Thrones." The youngest Baratheon brother briefly took over the Iron Throne, but like most characters on the fantasy series, he ended up being killed off. Womp womp.

Manson is obviously the villain of "Aquarius," and he and Sam will certainly tangle with each other before the finale. His evolution into the monster we now know will be captivating to watch.

Emma Dumont as Emma Karn

ABC Family fans will recognize Dumont as Melanie Segal from the gone-too-soon series "Bunheads." Like her dancer character on that show, Dumont is a trained ballerina, as well as an actress.

She plays Emma Karn, one of Mansons' first victims. When she goes missing, it puts Sam on the trail that will eventually lead to him discovering Mansons' true nature.

Claire Holt as Charmain Tully

Holt played Rebekah Mikaelson, an ageless bloodsucker, on both "The Vampire Diaries" and its spinoff "The Originals." But Holt has played more than just one supernatural being: She was also cast as the mermaid Emma Gilbert in the Nickelodeon series "H20: Just Add Water."

Charmain is a woman on the force at a time when female detectives weren't seen as able to do the job as well as her male counterparts. Charmain gets the chance to go undercover when the Manson investigation begins, a job she's maybe too excited to get.

Grey Damon as Brian Shafe

Damon has appeared in plenty of TV shows since he first began appearing on screen in 2009. His first big role came in 2010, when he was cast as Hastings Ruckle in "Friday Night Lights." 

Brian is Sam's younger, less experienced but more by-the-book partner. They have to work together to take down Manson.

"Aquarius" will have a special two-hour series premiere on Thursday, May 28 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. On May 29, all 13 episodes of the series will be available on NBC.com and the NBC mobile app.

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