5 April Fool's Pranks Not To Pull On A Significant Other — And What You Should Do Instead

Stay away from these tricks on April 1 if you want your partner to stick around for April 2.

There's nothing better than sharing a laugh with your significant other ... most of the time. But if you're thinking of pranking your partner on April Fool's Day, you might want to be careful not to be the only one laughing. While there are tons of harmless, yet hilarious, pranks for couples to pull on each other, there are a few you shouldn't play on your S.O. on April 1 if you still want them to stick around for April 2. 


Stay away from these 5 relationship-ruining pranks this year (and next year), and try these April Fool's Day alternatives instead: 

1. Tell them you're pregnant.

Besides the fact that it seems like a lot of effort to fake a pregnancy test, stay away from this prank, even if you're sure your S.O. won't bolt at this #fakenews. If you've still got baby on the brain, how about giving them an unexpectedly early wake-up call courtesy of a crying baby audio recording?

2. Fake propose to them.

"Hey Pam, will you... wait for me one second while I tie my shoe?"  Giphy

Unless you're Jim from The Office and/or have the irresistible charm of John Krasinski, you can't pull this off. You just can't. So if you value your life, you'll zip your lip until the time is actually right. While you wait, have some relatively harmless fun setting all the clocks in your S.O.'s home an hour ahead.

3. Pretend to dump them.

Scientific studies (aka common sense) show that the number one way to get dumped is to pretend you're dumping your S.O.. If they react badly, they might immediately retaliate with a real breakup. Even if their sense of humor is great, this prank will only plant a seed of doubt where it doesn't need to be. Why not show your love by putting some saran wrap on the toilet seat?

4. Tell them you're moving away.

Pranking your S.O. with the prospect of a long-distance relationship probably won't end your relationship, but it'll put some unnecessary strain on it. If you haven't had that particular "what if?" conversation yet, April 1 isn't a day meant for unintentionally deep discussions. Keep it light by moving their car without them knowing or, if they don't drive, move their clothes and toiletries into different drawers and cabinets.  

5. Create a fake dating app profile for them, and tell them a friend saw it.

Dating apps have helped bring millions of couples together, and it can just as easily tear one apart: yours. Trust is key in a relationship, and this prank calls both yours and your S.O.'s into question. If you've just got to do some high-tech tampering in their life, use iPhoneception to replace all their phone apps with your choice of kittens or zombies. I'll be waiting for your 'Thank you!' texts. 

Cover image via  Kite_rin / Shutterstock


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