The Apple Watch Can Be Turned Into A Motion Controller

Another reason to shell out for Apple's newest product.

The Apple Watch is pretty young and definitely still in the early adopter phase, but already developers are pushing the limits of what it can do. Although many buyers don't yet see the need for one, especially at its high price point, inevitably people always fold to Apple's wishes as more and more updates to its products roll in. For now, companies are doing their best to entice users with inventive ways to utilize the device's software — like Indian game producer Rolocule, which has turned Apple Watch into a motion controller.

The company has teased an update to its Apple TV bowling game, aptly named Bowling Central, that allows users wearing an Apple Watch to sync their device up and use their arms in a normal bowling swinging motion to play. The concept is much like Nintendo's Wii controller, except it doesn't require players to actually hold anything. Of course, you would need a paired iPhone in order to tap into the functionality, but if you already have a Watch, chances are you already have one given that they don't work without one. Want to use Apple products? Buy more Apple products.

Rolocule will incorporate this feature into Bowling Central when Apple's watchOS 2 update lands later this year. For now, the game is free instead of its usual $2.99 price and features several new levels as well as multiplayer support for up to four players in the same room.

It starts with bowling and ends with The Matrix. Here we come, virtual world. But if you can't afford an Apple Watch, there are plenty of alternatives.


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