Tech-Loving Newlyweds Take Wedding Photos In The Apple Store For A Hilarious And Adorable Shoot

"Genius" idea.

When it came time for Jermyn Wee and Chia Suat Huang to choose a location for their wedding photos, they selected a place that symbolized their love for tech as much as their love for each other.


That's because the couple decided to have their photos taken at the Apple store.

Courtesy of Weili Yip Creations

The bride, groom, and their wedding party showed up at the new Apple store in Singapore 30 minutes before it opened.

Then they convinced managers to let them take their photos inside before the store opened.

Courtesy of Weili Yip Creations

Their photos were taken by photographer Weili Yip from Weili Yip Creations 10 minutes before the store opened for business. In the sweet series, the couple kiss outside the store, pretend to talk on the phones, and even walk down the store's aisle.

Courtesy of Weili Yip Creations

Suat Haung told Mashable that she had suggested a few different locations for their wedding photos, but the Apple store ended up being the winner for her self-described Apple devotee husband. And even though he is camera shy, you would never be able to tell it from the cute series.

Courtesy of Weili Yip Creations

Yip explained to A Plus via email about the experience of shooting in the store. "The experience is kind of unique. Rather than shooting under hot daylight, we did it indoors with air conditioning!" he explained. Apart from trying to include the Apple products in the photos, he stuck with his traditional shooting style, and ensured he got the best compositions and the lighting just right.

Courtesy of Weili Yip Creations

He added, "Both of my clients were apparently big fans of Apple products, and, of course, they love each other so much. Both of them didn't mind taking a different approach by doing something really special for their wedding day by breaking away with tradition."


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