WATCH: 3 Huge Myths About The Gender Pay Gap That Everyone Needs To Get Straight

It's real, people.

In 2013, women made 78 percent of the salary a man made. On average, women earn 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, African American women 64 cents and Latina women 56 cents. And it has nothing to do with men being more educated nor does it simply stem from the industry a person chooses to work in. 

It does have everything to do with gender and discriminatory employment practices.

Don't believe us? The A Plus video team explains the most common pay gap myths to show that the the issue is as real as it gets.

For example, Myth 2: The gender pay gap only affects certain industries dominated by men. 


"The gender pay gap affects all industries across the United States. Including leisure and hospitality, professional and business serviced and education and health services," A Plus' Kimmy Shields explains. 

And just because it appears that more men choose to work in industries that tend to make more money doesn't mean the playing field is fair. Half of women who do go into STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields leave mid-career. 

According to The White House, "forty percent of those who leave cite a 'macho' culture as the primary reason" they left.

Check out the rest of the myths in the video above, then, ladies, go ask that for that raise. 


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