This Man Skips Lunch So That 30 Children Could Eat

For $10 you can get a burrito. Or feed 30-100 kids. What's it going to be?

Each Wednesday, Portland native Anton Cobb skips lunch.

He's not on a diet and definitely not running short on money. Contrary, Cobb decided he would dedicate his lunch time and spendings to a bigger cause.

"While on my hour lunch break one day in downtown Portland, that simple idea came to me. I noticed that there is an army of 9-to-5ers like myself, with a similar 12-1 break each day. So what if we could band together and do something productive with that hour?" Anton writes on his website.

After reading one 14-year-old's experience using Food Bank, Cobb says he knew he wanted to help children in his own community.

Thus, hOURLUNCH was born.


Since July, Cobb has been skipping lunch every Wednesday, donating his money to the Oregon Food Bank and raising awareness on child hunger. He's even arranged a table where other people can approach him and support the cause.

"Your $10 lunch money will buy a great burrito... OR lunch for 30-100 CHILDREN!" Cobb says.

Cobb has inspired lots of people to join his initiative. Since the project's start, he's been able to provide more than 30,000 meals for children in need.

Would you join him?

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