A College Told Female Students That Their Facial Expressions Could Cause Rape. Their Response Is Epic.


Last week, progress to ending rape culture came to a screeching and very infuriating halt. 

Ramapo College in New Jersey held an alcohol and violence presentation in which the presenter reportedly told female students about actions they can take to prevent rape. What actions you ask? Making certain facial expressions. 

That's right. The college's paper The Ramapo News reports that the workshop leader, Cory Rosenkranz, said female students should be aware of actions that could invite assault, including how your face looks. 

Call us crazy, Rosenkranz, but rapists don't discriminate

But to really show how absurd the presentation really is women started a Twitter hashtag #MyAntiRapeFace showing the faces they'd make to try to stop their rape (as a joke, of course, because unless someone says they want to have sex with you, any face is a "don't rape me" face).


Get it, yet, guys? Next time, stick to the source of the problem (teaching consent) instead of the putting the burden on the victims. 


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