The Guy In This French Ad Looks Like Mr. Perfect Until She Reveals The Painful Truth

It's closer than you think.

Sexual assault is a difficult subject to talk about, regardless of the context, but this striking new French awareness campaign by the Feminist Collective Against Rape is encouraging victims to speak out and come forward even in particularly painful circumstances.

The ad introduces us to a man who at first appears to be Mr. Perfect, but its shocking conclusion shows that he's anything but.

Scroll down to see the entire ad in French. What follows is a translation of the ad's big reveal.


"For Mathilde and Jean, Marc is their best friend."

"He even was a witness at their wedding."

"For Nora, he's the funniest guy she knows."

"For Eric, he's the guy you can always count on."

"And for me..."

"He's the guy who raped me."

"But who can tell?"

The video goes on to share a frightening statistic much in contrast with rape's all-too-common depiction as a crime committed by a stranger lurking in the shadows: In 8 out of 10 assaults, the rapist is someone the victim knows. 

Addressing acquaintance rape and healing in its aftermath pose its own set of obstacles, like fear of retaliation, harassment, or of losing mutual friends. You can learn more on  anti-sexual assault organization RAINN's website.

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