When Protesters Disrupted A Muslim Celebration, This Teen Had The Perfect Response

"Let's show them what we are."

A Muslim American teen proved this weekend that sometimes, in the face of hate, all you can do is dance.

Muslims in Anaheim, California were celebrating the end of Ramadan when protesters began shouting hateful comments and displaying signs that read things like "Islam leads to hell."

Some of those attending the festival simply ignored the disruption, while others chose to confront the protesters. For 18-year-old Ibrahem Dalati, a member of the festival's staff, the best response was to drown out the hateful speech with music and dance.

In a Facebook video, Dalati can be heard saying, "Let's keep the peace. Let's show them what we are." 

Music starts to play, and Dalati approaches the area with a spring in his step and a smile on his face. Eventually several other people join in with their own joyous moves. As the group dances on, the protesters' voices are overpowered by the music and cheering.


It's a powerfully symbolic image to witness during an increasingly trying time.

Dalati, a recent high school graduate, told Buzzfeed News, "I did it to make a statement that we're about love and peace."

He believes that people should come together to challenge hate, adding, "In America, we're not supposed to just be neighbors. We have to be family."

And if Dalati's approach is anything to go by, the family who dances together stays together.

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(H/T: Huffington Post)


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