After Becoming An Admin On An Anti-Muslim Group, This Guy Trolled Its Followers

Someone made a huge mistake.

He who yields the passwords yields great power. That's the lesson we learned from Tom Hannah, an Internet troll who revels in pushing the buttons of people online. But this time, Hannah put his powers and creativity to good use by wreaking havoc inside an anti-Muslim group with close to 10,000 followers. 

It all started when Hannah requested entry to the Facebook group "NO SHARIA LAW WORLDWIDE," which required him to answer a questionnaire. He then posted his answers on Twitter


Somehow, despite intentionally answering the questions in a way that he thought would get him rejected, Hannah got into the group. But not only did he get in: he was labeled as an administrator, which gave him power to do things like change the group's name and picture. Ironically, the administrator title is basically the biggest gift someone can give an Internet troll. Hannah, who didn't respond to a request for comment, quickly went to work.

He started by blocking close to a thousand people who were applying for access to the group.

"First order of business, absolutely no one is getting in," he wrote on Twitter. 

Then he linked the group to close to 100 others he was in that he described as "horrible." For example, one group was called "I LOVE WEARING BABY DIAPERS." Then, the real fun began: Hannah changed the name of the group to "We Love And Respect Islam." The title didn't stick for long, of course — there was more fun to be had.

It didn't take long for people to start to catch on. "Somone hacked the group," one user wrote. "Remove Tom Hannah," another person suggested. Sure enough, Hannah was blocked soon after changing the photo and name of the group. But he expressed some pride at his trolling, and even a bit of hope.

"Its been a great journey," he wrote on Twitter. "In the end, I blocked over a thousand members, made some great friends, and, hopefully, opened some of their minds."


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