13 Hilarious But Horrible Types of 1930s Anti-Marijuana Propaganda

Our government tricked us.

Before marijuana was criminalized in 1937, the Federal Bureau Of Narcotics teamed up with media mogul William Randolph Hearst, who had business interest against hemp, to trick Americans into believing that cannabis was evil. They used yellow journalism and exploitation films, often based on racism and not science, to make their ridiculous case.

Here are 13 examples of anti-marijuana propaganda from the 1930s that are wrong on every level:


1. An anti-marijuana argument that is still used today.

2. This is madness.

3. They called it a "killer drug" in this ad.

4. Another devil reference.

5. This is blown out of proportion.

6. This one goes way too far.

7. They got way too silly.

8. This must have been a horrible movie.

9. Side effects of marijuana that don't exist.

10. Even musicians are getting a bad label.

11. Can they get back to reality?

12. How on earth did this get made?

13. This is pretty bad.


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