A Toddler Battling Leukemia Gets A Heartwarming Letter From Baseball Player

Truly heartfelt.

The family of a 22-month-old boy battling cancer received an emotional letter and a gift from Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo.

Parker Hopkins was diagnosed with leukemia on August 13, two months shy of his second birthday. While undergoing chemotherapy in Iowa City, Iowa, Parker's parents documented everything on a Facebook page called Parker Strong.


A few days ago, Rizzo sent a heartfelt letter to Parker's family. The three-time All-Star — who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma at age 18 — wrote that the disease made for "the scariest time" of his life.

"All that I can say that every day I stayed as positive as possible so that everyone around me, especially my family, did not worry about how I was feeling," Rizzo wrote in the letter. "I believe that by staying positive, I actually felt better and ultimately won my battle against cancer. I know that you too can do the same."

Along with the letter, Rizzo included a donation of $2,500 to Parker's family.

The letter, which was posted to Facebook, received more than 18,000 likes as of August 31.

This generous act is not the first time Rizzo has written letters or given donations to children with cancer. A 2016 cook-off event sponsored by the Anthony Rizzo Foundation raised more than $630,000 to help children just like Parker.

"I just want to make sure Anthony's foundation is getting the credit they deserve for helping several families in this situation," Kiefer Hopkins, Parker's dad, told Chicago television station WBBM. "Ours is special to us, but there is a big picture and Anthony is helping several children and their families across the country. We want to make sure they are getting that recognition."

There is also a GoFundMe page set up to help cover the medical expenses for Parker's family. Although the $10,000 goal was already reached, more donations are encouraged.


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