Watch Anthony Bourdain, Sienna Miller, And Jimmy Fallon Guess The Gross Secret Ingredients In These Meals

"Parfait means perfect in French, but is it?"

Be prepared for lots of gagging, spitting, and hilariously disgusted faces because The Tonight Show served up some horrifying meals last night. 

Anthony Bourdain and Sienna Miller joined host Jimmy Fallon in playing a game where each of them takes turns guessing the highly unusual secret ingredient hidden in each meal. The meals look normal enough to the naked eye, but once they bite into them, they're struck by the gross flavors and odd combinations. Each time someone guesses the secret ingredient correctly, he or she gets a point. But really, are there any winners in this game? 

First up on the secret ingredient list was Juicy Fruit gum, which doesn't sound too horrifying until you put it inside of a mozzarella stick and dip it in marinara sauce. For their main course, they were each served a blackened Louisiana catfish coated in Oreo dust, and for dessert they were treated to parfaits made with Sriracha and a Kraft cheese popsicle. If you're gagging just thinking about that, we're right there with you. 

Luckily, The Tonight Show provided some dump buckets for the participants to spit their nasty creations into as well as much needed wine. 

You can watch it all unfold in the video below:



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