Mother Captures Heartwarming Moment As Premature Twins Hold Hands

"How is that possible?"

On January 4, Anthea Jackson-Rushford gave birth to twins. The twins, Kristian and Kristiana, were born 11 weeks premature and weighed a mere two pounds each. 

Despite the medical concerns that are associated with premature babies, Jackson-Rushford says her "two little cherubs" are doing just fine. And a video that the new mother uploaded to her social media accounts proves just that.


"That's just unbelievable."

The two babies appeared to hold hands as they lay on their father's chest, to the happy couple's disbelief.

"It's like he's going... 'I've got you,'" the new parents said.

Since the heartwarming moment has made its way around the web — the video on Facebook has nearly five million views — Jackson-Rushford and her husband have shared more precious photos of their little angels holding hands.

When they grow up, these siblings will be inseparable.

(H/T: Mirror)


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