This '12 Days Of Christmas' Short Film Will Make You Think Differently About The Classic Carol

"More birds? I was like, what the hell is going on?"

"12 Days of Christmas" is a classic Christmas carol that would actually be a nightmare if it happened to you. No one wants "six geese a laying" as a gift, but they definitely don't want them six times over. 

Creative agency Anomaly London took a closer look at this merry rhyme and transformed it into a silly short film with beautiful animation. 

"We were just thinking about '12 Days of Christmas' and how crazy the gifting strategy is in that song. So I wrote a story about a girl actually getting all those gifts and it leant itself to animation — it would be difficult to film so much poultry," director Craig Ainsley told A Plus. 

In the eight-minute film, actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge narrates the story from the perspective of a woman whose boyfriend won't stop sending her insane gifts to her apartment. At first, she's surprised by her first gift, a partridge in a pear tree, but she finds a way to still be appreciative. "Still, the sheer effort involved in such a gift really is a testament to the power of his love for me," the woman says. "I really felt special."

But things go way, way downhill from there. 


Watch the short film below:

"The film is just a joke really, but I guess it's also about the frenzy of Christmas and the absolute orgy of expenditure," Ainsley said. "The Christmas message that's drilled into us is all about sharing and sunshine and rainbows, so I suppose there's another story here where the protagonist just pretends she loves all the gifts she gets in order to make the relationship work. But where would that leave you? Deeply unhappy and living with swans."

The film was clearly created with the intention of being a silly depiction of a classic Christmas carol we all know, but probably don't think that much about. However, it can also serve as a reminder that disturbingly obsessive and unwanted behavior from a significant other is never sweet. Get out of that relationship and make your way to a relaxing vacation. 


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