Man Irritates Girlfriend With Endless Disneyland Puns

"Hey Dianna, I think WHEEL have fun on this one."

Picture this: 

You're at Disneyland with your boyfriend, the two of you are having the time of your lives at the happiest place on Earth. And so the two of you can remember your fun-filled day, your boyfriend takes out his phone and starts to record little snippets of the day. 


So much fun!

That is until he remembers a video of a man annoying his girlfriend with Ikea puns and decides to make one of his own. Cue the Disneyland puns.

As Tyler Schnabel and his girlfriend, Dianna, made their way through the park, Schnabel had something to say about every ride. It's a miracle Dianna didn't make him stand in the single rider line.

"Babe, hold on I have to take a Pooh."

Tyler Schnabel/YouTube

"It's pretty high up pier."

Tyler Schnabel/YouTube

Depending on your feeling towards puns, they only got worse from there. 

"You know what you are? A teas."

Tyler Schnabel/YouTube

And then just when it looked like the long day of riding rides and Disneyland puns was over, Schnabel had one last thing to say to his girlfriend, "you have mi-keys."

Watch the eye-roll-worthy Disneyland puns in the video below.

It takes a certain type of person to have the patience to wait on long lines and listen to Disneyland puns all day.

(H/T: Reddit)


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