This Woman's Clever Political T-Shirt Is A Testament To The Importance Of Diversity

"Congrats, y'all played yourselves."

Over the course of the 2016 election, Donald Trump's outrageous remarks about immigrants have served as a rally crying for the Latino community to speak out against the hate. This is what one young activist had in mind when she created a clever T-shirt to wear to a recent political rally.

On Friday, 23-year-old Annie Cardelle attended a pro-Trump rally in Salisbury, North Carolina with her 17-year-old sister, Ceci. The nominee's son, Eric Trump, headlined the rally.

Cardelle said that she became inspired to attend as a form of protest after she reportedly received racially charged hate mail from Trump supporters.

"I've had a lot of 'deportation' threats, which I think is pretty serious," she wrote to Teen Vogue. "Part of the reason I support Hillary Clinton (though I originally was a big Bernie Sanders supporter) is because Trump's language towards undocumented citizens is so incredibly dangerous and will affect the lives of millions if he is elected. So many undocumented people (women in particular) are abused at the border. I fear Trump's rhetoric only fuels the violence."

When a Trump rally was scheduled in her hometown, Cardelle realized that it would be her one opportunity to speak out directly against the rhetoric.

"I'm not exactly protesting his conservative ideology, but it's more about his speech and like his rhetoric that he uses to describe Hispanics and Latinos and just people of color in general," Cardelle told The Salisbury Post. "In his speeches, he brings up people killed by immigrants, which there's no basis that immigrants kill people more than everyday citizens. So, he's contemplating that immigrants, and specifically Mexican and Hispanic immigrants, are criminals and murdering people."

After getting into the rally, Cardelle's brilliant stunt began. She removed her sweater and revealed a T-shirt with the message "Latina contra Trump" on it — which translates to "Latina against Trump."

Apparently no one at the rally realized what her T-shirt actually meant, because Cardelle and her sister posed with Eric Trump and his wife Lara for a photo that has since gone viral.


Cardelle and her sister were shocked that their silent protest worked, but proud that they were able to expose a big flaw with the Trump campaign.

"We didn't see anyone there that was Latin American or that we thought could speak Spanish," her sister told The Huffington Post. "While we were surprised that no one really noticed, I really think that it stands as a testament to the lack of diversity surrounding that campaign."

On Sunday, Cardelle continued her protest online by making "Latinas Contra Trump" T-shirts available for purchase.

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