Woman Live-Tweeted A Terrible First Date Conversation She Overheard At A Cafe

Tinder nightmares? Try real life.

Not all dates go as fantasized. 

Maybe the weather wasn't right, the venue smelled like burnt toast or your date appeared to be just a bag of pretentious farts. (You know, the case where anything that comes out of their mouth sounds like it's been dipped in Dom Pérignon and dragged through a pile of Shih Tzus only to make it extra fancy.)

One such date was recently witnessed by a Canadian blogger Anne Thériault.


Apparently, Thériault was in a coffee shop minding her own business when she overheard a peculiar first date conversation.

She wasn't sure what to do at first. But when the convo got really terrible, Thériault pulled out her guns (a smartphone) and started live-tweeting the date from hell.

Thériault outlined how self-involved the guy on a date was, but it was about to get even worse.

You can notice from Thériault's tweets the conversation has been going on for only 30 minutes, but the girl decided to end it. Her getaway plan was perfect!

The takeaway? 

Dates are where people go to meet other people. By making it all about yourself, not only will you look like a total douche but you will also miss out on the very essence of dating — getting to know someone, learning new things, finding a partner in crime if you're lucky.

So be polite, ask questions, share experiences and, if you still need some help, be sure to read this article that explains what dating in today's world is all about.

(H/T: Notable)


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