Anne Hathaway Tackles White Privilege In A Post About Murdered Black Teen Nia Wilson

"How 'decent' are we really?"

On Wednesday, actress Anne Hathaway took to Instagram to post about Nia Wilson, an 18-year-old Black woman who was murdered Sunday at a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station in Oakland, California. Her sister was also wounded in the stabbing attack. On Monday, police arrested a White man in connection with the crime.


"The murder of Nia Wilson- may she rest in the power and peace she was denied here- is unspeakable AND MUST NOT be met with silence," Hathaway wrote to caption a photo of Wilson. "She is not a hash tag; she was a black woman and she was murdered in cold blood by a white man."

The actress didn't just honor Wilson's memory, however. She also used her platform to speak to her 12 million followers about White privilege

"White people- including me, including you- must take into the marrow of our privileged bones the truth that ALL black people fear for their lives DAILY in America and have done so for GENERATIONS," she wrote. "White people DO NOT have equivalence for this fear of violence."

As Vox points out, protests have erupted in California over the possibility that the murder was racially motivated, as well as the belief that police were too slow to respond. Some also criticized local media for choosing a photo of Wilson in which she holds what appears to be a gun, but was actually a gun-shaped phone case.

"Given those givens, we must ask our (white)selves- how 'decent' are we really?" Hathaway concluded her post." Not in our intent, but in our actions?  In our lack of action?" She added the hashtags #blacklivesmatter, #antiracist, #noexcuse, #sayhername, and #earntherighttosayhername.

Although Hathaway disabled comments on the post, many have taken to Twitter to repost the message and praise the actress for acknowledging Wilson and the important issues surrounding her murder. As of this writing, her post has received more than 171,000 likes.

As BuzzFeed News points out, fellow actress Sophia Bush also posted about Wilson on Instagram. "The silence around the death of women of color must end. And WHILE we're at it, the behavior of news media that attempts to tarnish a victim after her untimely death must end," she wrote, adding, "Sisters. This is our fight. All of us. Say her name. Stand for her."

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