Anne Hathaway Met Mariah Carey For The First Time, Barely Keeps It Together

"I'm freaking out."

Anne Hathaway surely has a bunch of fangirls and that would come as no surprise. What's not to love about this talented Oscar winner?

But during the New York premiere of The Intern earlier this week, this megastar showed us the side of her we had no clue about. It turns out Hathaway herself is a fangirl of Mariah Carey, who just happened to attend. 


"Oh my God ... nooo," Hathaway answers when asked if she has ever met Mariah before.

"I'm freaking out. Like she's two-arms' length away right now," she says. "[...] It's just the best glamorous ever."

Wait ... it's what?

"It's not even a sentence. There's no grammar there," she realizes. "The best glamorous ever, yeah ..."

"Is she in the background?"

Yep. Certainly is.

Watch the entire video below:


Hathaway is not the only actress who literally couldn't even when meeting another celeb.

Jennifer Lawrence is the ultimate — but also most adorable — fangirl. She had SO MANY feelings when meeting Jack Nicholson for the first time at the GMA's Oscar party.

Lawrence also got busted staring at Damian Lewis at the SAG Awards last year.

We're pretty sure he noticed, lady.

There was also that time she really wanted to say hi to Jeff Bridges, but suddenly just couldn't.

And last but not least, Emma Stone was brought to tears by Mel B from Spice Girls during her interview with 2Day FM Sydney. Who wouldn't be, really?


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