Anne Hathaway And Jason Sudeikis Answer The Internet's Most Searched Questions, And Discover Tons About Each Other

"Is Anne Hathaway a vampire?"

The famous faces to take part in Wired's latest installment of its Autocomplete Interview series are none other than Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis. In addition to learning more about these two, it seems as though they unearthed some little-known facts about each other, too.

While answering some of the internet's most searched questions with the assist of — you guessed it — autocomplete, the Colossal co-stars were asked some burning queries that apparently people online keep pondering. For example, Hathaway is asked if she's a vampire and Sudeikis is asked what hair products he uses. Hard-hitting questions, huh?

These two don't have a bromance like Life co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, or the adorable factor of Chris Evans and Gifted co-star Mckenna Grace, what they have is a slightly more serious version of what Passengers co-stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence share.

Hathaway gets a few questions about her Academy Award win for Les Misérables and her name while Sudeikis gets asked about his origins and other projects he's been in. Silly questions include if Hathaway knows Bruce Wayne is Batman and if Sudeikis was in The Hangover, an Applebee's commercial, or is a part of Mumford & Sons.

Shocked by some of the answers, Hathaway admits: "I really thought I knew you better than I apparently do." To which Sudeikis replies: "This is why the internet's a good thing. This is maybe one of the only reasons."

We agree wholeheartedly, you guys.


Check out the full video below:


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