Anne Hathaway And James Corden Pair Rom Com Tropes With Your Favorite Love Songs

They sing 10 songs in five minutes.

We all know James Corden loves a good musical, so it should come as no surprise that he jumped at the chance to perform one with his guest Anne Hathaway on last night's Late Late Show

Given that there's only so much time in one late-night talk show episode, the pair had to keep their performance pretty short — but not the tracklist. In just five minutes, across nine sets, and in just one take, Corden and Hathaway sang a whopping 10 songs, from past and present, to create the "Soundtrack to a Rom Com."

The sketch follows the ups and downs of a typical romantic comedy relationship, from meet cute to dramatic reunion.


It all starts in an elevator, set to Selena Gomez's "Hands to Myself."

Love blooms, but a possible betrayal sends Hathaway into Bridget Jones mode, complete with wine.

And what kind of rom com would it be if nobody chased their true love to the airport?

In the grand finale, the two of them decide "Let's Stay Together," and the crowd goes wild.

"I think this is honestly my favorite version of this skit," one commenter wrote on YouTube. "She has such a great VOICE!"

Hear every song in the video below:

Cover image via Instagram


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