Anne Hathaway Drops The Mic On James Corden In Your New Favorite Rap Battle

"Call me Meryl Streep, 'cause you my assistant."

Here's something you probably never knew you needed — an epic rap battle between Anne Hathaway and James Corden. Last night The Late Late Show gave it to us, and it was pretty spectacular.

Anne and James did not hold back with their increasingly creative disses, and some of their rhymes were so fast they're likely to give you whiplash. 

James went after Anne's filmography, rapping, "Now it's her turn to try and act a little scary / 'Cause the only Catwoman I acknowledge is Halle Berry." 

Anne was having none of that, throwing off her heels and her hat to tell him, "Google 'James Corden' / It says 'hopefully dead' / I'm like your wife / I'm watching Meyers instead." Ouch!


"Trust me, I won't lose this to an imposter / It's more likely they'll ask you again to host the Oscars."

Things went on like this for several more verses, with James insulting Anne's movie accents and Anne insulting the fit of James' suits. In the end, Anne totally dropped the mic (literally) with an epic speech declaring that there's no breaking her spirit after everything that's been said about her, rapping, "I've heard everything / Yo man, none of it broke me." It's surprisingly inspiring, and just might be the motivation you need today.

"Son, now you know how it feels to get Hathaslayed."

Watch Anne and James spit rhymes below:


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