Anne Hathaway's Belated Earth Day Post Reminds Us How We Can Save Our Planet Year-Round

"Just try to do better and treat your Mama right."

Just because Earth Day is over doesn't mean we can forget about the need to protect our planet. And yesterday, Anne Hathaway shared a day-after-Earth Day Instagram post to remind us of just that.

"So, #EarthDay was fun and beautiful and I didn't want to bum anyone out, but it's #dayafterearthday and we've normalized trash to a point where it's scary," Hathaway writes on Instagram. "I'm committed to always having my [reusable water bottle] and [coffee cup] with me, as well as keeping a bag in my purse for purchases (I usually carry a basket)."


Hathaway's post also features a Boomerang video of her dancing with said water bottle and coffee cup, smiling at the camera. The actress then goes on to remind people that though it may seem hard to make environmentally conscious decisions, it's really not. 

"I know it seems hard — but if you have a phone and an Instagram [account] you check every day then you ALREADY possess the skills to be able to remember your reusables. No one is perfect — don't waste time beating yourself up (no more emotional garbage either); just try to do better and treat your Mama right. Peace," she concludes. 

There are many ways we can all make our daily routines a little bit greener: using aforementioned reusable cups, using reusable bags and not plastic ones, riding our bikes, and limiting our water usage, among other things. 

Lauren Singer of the lifestyle blog Trash is for Tossers, also has plenty of tips and tricks on her site for going waste-free. But it's also important to remember that small differences can make an impact, and we can't expect to change everything overnight. She writes: 

"Living a life with less (or even free of) waste doesn't happen overnight. It requires changes in your daily habits and thought processes to go from tossing waste straight into a trash can without a second thought, to carefully composting, recycling, opting out of using certain wasteful items, and introducing new waste-less items and products into our lives. In short, it's a process."

For more ways to celebrate Earth Day all year round, click here.

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