The Ultimate Thermal Imaging Tips And Tricks

The thermal imaging, also called infrared thermography (IRT) as a part of the infrared imaging science has become extremely popular...

The thermal imaging, also called infrared thermography (IRT) as a part of the infrared imaging science has become extremely popular, thus used in the global industry over the last two decades. The Truth is that slowly, but surely, this cutting-edge technique has become an important tool in the toolbox of many businesses.

Thermographic (infrared) cameras and the many applications they are used for, progressively grow and improve on a daily basis. Building diagnostics, asphalt inspections, home inspections, food transportation and manufacturing are only one small part of the large list of thermographic applications.

If thermal imaging is the subject you are quite interested in, stay tuned and learn some ultimate thermal imaging tips and tricks.

For thermal imaging to be successfully done, the use of special infrared cameras is essential. These infrared cameras allow quick and easy detection of an infrared energy or heat given off by a particular object. Detected energy is important because thanks to it, the levels of thermal emissions from the object are visually presented in an image with infrared colors. This image is called a thermogram, whereas the entire process is defined as thermography.

If you have been asking if there is any special significance of the colours used in a thermogram, the answer is positive. Yes, colours play an important role in thermography, as they indicate what temperature is arbitrary. Thus, the bluish-black color that is fading to red, orange and yellow is a typical marker of cooler areas while white colour appears when the temperature climbs.

The infrared cameras of modern day are revolutionary, cutting-edge handheld devices that are extremely compatible and they are specially designed to work at room temperature. Modern infrared cameras provide the thermographic image on a built-in video screen with the option to be transferred to a computer for further detailed analysis, archiving and printing (if needed).

Before using the thermogram, the user should make sure that the imager is within calibration. How? By conducting a simple and quick "tear duct check" or viewing a black body reference. If the imager features a special memory option, the user should also make sure that there is no previously recorded data.

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