This Is The Sweet Moment A Deaf Baby Hears Her Mom's Voice For The First Time

It's a joy to watch.

The Internet is full of stories of people who choose to get an impaired sense restored, and film their happy reactions to the result. The videos never get old, as the joy on people's faces is always wonderful to see. But something that never fails to soften even the hardest of hearts are videos of babies hearing their mothers for the first time.   

Three-month-old Annabelle Lawrence was born completely deaf. She was recently fitted with two hearing aids, and a video of her appointment captures the moment she is able to hear her mom Sarah Jo's voice. Her reaction to the new sensation is adorable.


You can see Annabelle's eyes light up as she experiences sounds for the first time. When she hears her mom speaking to her, she cracks a big grin.

It is a tender moment to watch.

It is no doubt an emotional thing for her family to watch, but the video is so heartwarming, it will bring a smile to anyone's face.

(H/T: Mashable)


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