Artist Captures Kids With Objects That Substitute The Mother-Child Bond


Can you still recall that little blanket you had as a child? The one with magical powers: As long as you had it with you, no monsters could ever touch you.

Anna Ream, a Washington-based photographer, captures kids with their most precious comfort objects on film. Some clutch stuffed bunnies, others snuggle into superhero blankets. Well-loved and stained with crayons, tears and chocolate, these things will never be replaced.

"In developmental psychology comfort objects are called "transitional objects" and act as a substitute for the mother-child bond, helping the child navigate separation by providing a stand-in," Ream explains on her website. "Like many parents, I've hunted for it at bedtime, sent it along when leaving a child in another person's care, and carefully packed it on trips."

With the photos she snaps, Ream offers a glimpse into the emotional lives of kids.

What was your comfort object? Can you still recall it?


"Bryn and Bunnie with Natalie and Piggy"

"Rodney and Spiderman Blanket"

"Molly and Blanket"

"Graydon and Doggy"

"Eowyn and Ginger"

"Jayden, Monkeys and Blanket"

"Kyra and Mimi (Blanket)"

"Kaidence and Zebra Blanky"

"Audrey and Green Bunny"

"Isaac and Blanket"

"Abigail and Blanket"

To check more of Ream's work, head straight to her website.

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