Anna Kendrick And Darlene Love Spread A Little Christmas Cheer With Jimmy Fallon

We love Fallon's classroom instruments.

On Monday night, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon once again proved that you don't need fancy equipment to give a great musical performance. He was joined on the show by Anna Kendrick, Darlene Love, and The Roots to perform Love's 1963 song "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" using classroom instruments.

Kendrick knows a thing or two about singing with unconventional instruments (or simply none at all) thanks to her role in the Pitch Perfect movies. She looks delighted to be singing the holiday classic alongside the woman who originated it, and we don't blame her.


The gang wore matching white turtlenecks and Santa hats for the occasion, as they played everything from a banana shaker to a colorful xylophone. For years, Love used to perform "Christmas" on David Letterman's Late Show as an annual holiday tradition, and we're so glad to see her bring it back to late-night, especially in such a new and fun way.

In the past, Fallon has used classroom instruments to perform with everyone from Metallica to Fleetwood Mac. We can't wait to see what songs and artists will get the treatment next year.

Watch the full performance in the video below:


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