Find Out The Last Texts, Photos, And Internet Searches From Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza And Adam DeVine's Phones

"Don't ... don't show that."

Have you ever scrolled through your phone at a moment's notice to see what your last text was? Or your last Internet search? How about the last embarrassing photo you took?

In a revealing interview with Wired, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates stars Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, and Adam DeVine open up their phones to reveal all of their most recent items, including a photo of Plaza in a squirrel costume, Kendrick's cheesy Google search, and one hilarious drunk text between castmates. 

The video wraps up with each participant looking at their most frequently used emojis: the rainbow, the fried egg, the smiley face with heart eyes, the German flag, the skull, the basketball, and the mushroom, among others.

Find out what's really on these celebrity phones in the full video below:



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