A First-Grade Teacher Got Quite A Surprise When She Looked Inside Her Student’s Backpack

"They tell teachers to be prepared for anything ... "

One of the interesting things about being a teacher is that each day brings something new. Teachers have come to class and been surprised with thoughtful gifts and even a flash mob


First-grade teacher Anna Kate Hood received a furry surprise recently when she opened up one of her student's backpacks to reveal two kittens.

Hood posted a photo of the cats cuddled up in a backpack on the Love What Matters Facebook page, and explained that the student brought them to school so she could keep them at her desk and cuddle them when she was finished her work.

The forward-thinking student even revealed that she put food in the bag to keep the cats happy.

Cats — or any other adorable critters — shouldn't be sneaked into school, especially in backpacks, but the post has generated many comments from people who have experienced similar situations.

A fellow teacher explained, "When I taught kindergarten, a little girl from another class brought a mouse in her backpack. She had picked it up out of her backyard and brought it to school. All of us teachers were sitting there at recess talking, and kids kept coming up telling us that she had a mouse in her pocket. We thought it must be a toy and told her to come show us. You should have seen it when 4 kindergarten teachers jumped up on top of a bench or ran away screaming when she pulled a real mouse out of her pocket!"

The same teacher revealed that another time a fifth-grader brought a backpack full of frogs to school.

Another woman revealed that she was the one who brought a cat into her classroom. "I brought a kitten for show and tell in grade 1," she explained. "My mom had said no but for some reason I put it in my backpack and brought it anyways!"


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