Photographer Captures The Chaos Parenthood In Series Of Hilarious Photos

Parenthood debunked.

Being a stay-at-home parent is no easy job. In case you're not convinced, these photos help drive home the point.

Anna Angenend, a San Antonio-based photographer and mother of a two-year-old, has managed to capture the chaos of her daily routine on film in a project entitled "Mom Life." In this series of photos, Angenend and her daughter Mia recreate situations many parents are no doubt all too familiar with, like struggling to have a minute of peace and quite or trying do a million things at once.

"I took the first photo, 'Back to School' as a joke about my real feelings on school starting up last August," Angenend told A+. "I had a lot of fun shooting the photo, and my friends really enjoyed it when I shared it on social media." 


"Back to school"

"At first, there honestly wasn't a lot of thought put in to it, just something fun for my daughter and I to enjoy together," Angenend explained. "There is constant inspiration for chaotic photos when living with a two year old."

"All hands on deck"

"Makeup mishap"

"I do it, mommy!"

As Angenend told A+, she was positively amazed at people's reactions around the world. The photographer believes that this goes to show that regardless of one's culture or parenting style, everyone gets into the same "sticky situations" when they have a little one in their life.

"No silent nights"

"One trip or die"

"It's comforting to me, because I think it's a good reminder that we're all probably more alike than we admit too," Angenend said. "When fellow parents view the images, I hope it brings a smile to their faces and reminds them they're not alone."

"Hide & read"

"Peace & quite"

"I don't want the series to come across as though this is a terrible stressful life. I love very second I get with Mia, even the most insane ones. I know I'll be missing these days all to soon," she told A+.

"New Years resolutions"

Parenthood might be chaotic, but it's certainly thrilling. 

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