She Perfectly and Hilariously Explains Why You Should Check Your Privilege

She's talking to YOU.

Youtuber Anna Akana is known for her funny videos about all aspects of life, but her recent video shares an important message about privilege that everyone should hear

It began when her non-Asian boyfriend asked, "If you could travel to any time period, where would you go?"

Akana laughed and said, "Nowhere. This is the best time period to be an Asian woman."

This conversation with her boyfriend, who never thought of it that way, triggered Akana to think about the meaning of "check your privilege."


Akana explains that this means someone should be aware of the specific privileges they were born into so that they can…

Akana examined the privileges she had from her upbringing.

Her family placed value on education, and success.

Her exposure to different people and cultures.

Akana summarized why it's important to check your privilege:

"It's so easy to see someone through your own narrow lens and dismiss what they're going through, or write off their struggles as excuses or complaints," she said. "It's a lot harder to try to keep in mind the opportunities you were afforded just because of where you were born."

Watch the full video:


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