A 90-Year-Old Woman Held On Just Long Enough To Vote For Hillary Clinton

"Love does and will always trump hate.”

With the prospect of the U.S. electing its first female president on November 8, the 2016 election holds a special meaning for older women who may have never believed that this incredible thing could happen in their lifetimes.

90-year-old Anita Harris passed away exactly one week before Election Day — but she cast her vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton before departing. After all, her son Scott Harris wrote to A Plus, it was a big deal for her to vote for the first woman president, and she couldn't stand Donald Trump.

"Mom was on the campaign trail a few months ago getting out the vote," Harris wrote to A Plus. "She was always politically minded and 'opinionated' long before women with opinions were accepted. You could not silence her voice."

Before voting, Anita posed with her ballot in a photograph taken by Scott's brother. On November 2, the day after she passed, Scott posted the photo of his mom to the Facebook group National Pantsuit Day. The photo soon went viral.

"Frankly I can't think of a better sendoff for mom than going viral," Harris told the Huffington Post. "She always was a bit of an attention-seeker."


Scott Harris

Harris said that the original Facebook post received over 20,000 hits and initiated over 2,600 personal condolences to him.

"We are overwhelmed by the hits and thousands of personal comments of condolences," Harris wrote to A Plus."Restores faith in human kindness. Love does and will always trump hate."


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