14 Hilarious Scenes Of Animals Vs. Humans

Don't feel bad for laughing.

1. A goat-human skirmish showing the resilience of children.


2. Chocolate lab casually demonstrating his alpha status.

3. Operation Soup: Accomplished.

4. Boston Terriers showing the power of teamwork.

5. Fed-up horse refuses to be harassed.

6. Kangaroo sees a chance and takes it.

7. Cat researches gravity as a potential weapon against humanity.

8. Penguin takes stand against orange pants.

9. These dogs obviously took a tip from the Boston Terriers in #4.

10. A camel who will not be mocked.

11. No running dog attacks can stop this youngster.

12. Doberman tries out new laser-targeting system.

13. Wolf in sheep's clothing defends aquatic allies.

14. French bulldog hijacks sled to freedom.

H/T: imgurianitarian.

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