These Animals Have Been Caged Their Whole Lives. This Is Their First Taste Of Freedom.

Freedom is a right, not a privilege.

Imagine being an apex predator, built to run fast and leap far and travel miles and miles in a day. Maybe a tiger. A lion. A polar bear in search of prey. 

And now imagine having lived your entire life in a small, suffocating cage or enclosure. Imagine never having seen the sky.

Video producer Emily Pelleymounter compiled a video for the animal news-focused website The Dodo that features captive animals getting their first taste of freedom. The eye-opening video shows a beagle timidly stepping on the grass for the first time and chimps warily looking around after being released from a life of lab cages. 

"We harm them for lab experiments that often have better, cruelty-free alternatives. We keep exotic animals in rusty cages and call it 'entertainment,'" The Dodo writes.


Watch the full video below.

To learn more about animals in captivity, you can visit the website.

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