9 Animals Show Summer Is Finally Here

So lazzzzy.

Remember like a month ago when everyone complained about the terrible winter we were having this year? Well, now that summer is finally approaching, we have something new to complain about: heat, sweat and humidity. Ugh. 

Thanks to the Imgur gallery created by user KidNickels we can see the tell-tale signs that the heat is in full swing. You know it's summer when... 


1. This dog will do anything to find some relief.

2. The cat has the best spot in the house...

3. ...And outside the house.

4. Even koalas need help rehydrating.

5. Seagulls don't want your food — They want your umbrella.

6. You need to wait your turn for the pool.

7. Horses would rather lay in a cold bath than graze in the grass.

8. Raccoons find a way to keep cool — on your deck.

9. Everyone's tired.

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