Man's Animal Imitations Are So On Point, It Sound Like You're Standing In A Zoo

"Give us all your sounds."

In one delightfully entertaining YouTube video, William Jafta, or the "Animal Sound Man," is asked to simply "give us all your sounds."

And that's exactly what happens. 

All of a sudden, Jafta proceeds to make the craziest, coolest animal noises with just his mouth and voice. 


From horses to cows to chickens and puppies, it sounds like we're in a room filled with real live animals.

According to, Jafta uses this skill to raise money for children living on the streets in South Africa.

"I practice my voice everyday," the man says. He can make about 10 to 11 different animal sounds with extreme clarity.

And with more practice, who knows how many more animals he'll learn and, in turn, how many children he'll help.

Watch the full video below:

(H/T: Reddit)

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