People Are Literally Lining Up To Foster Animals During Hurricane Florence

Local shelters are asking residents for assistance in providing shelter for the animals in their care.

As several states across the East Coast braced for the effects of Hurricane Florence, many stepped up to help not only the families evacuating their homes, but the pets in local shelters too. As North Carolina resident Ali Standish recently shared in a now-viral photo, people in the area are literally standing in line to foster or adopt animals from rescue organizations in order to help shield them from the Category 1 storm. 

According to The Washington Post, many staff members of shelters along the East Coast have remained in the impacted cities to ensure the animals in their care aren't left behind. But as Hurricane Florence approaches and the weather becomes increasingly volatile, shelter employees are begging remaining residents for assistance in providing shelter for the many animals still housed in their facilities. 

Thankfully, it seems some good-hearted locals have heard their pleas. As seen in the photo Standish posted on Wednesday, rescue nonprofit Saving Grace had people lining up to provide housing for the animals. "The line of folks waiting to pick up foster dogs for the weekend so coastal shelters can evacuate here before. #HurricanceFlorence. Many more behind me. Sometimes humans are okay," Standish wrote in the caption. 

Her photo quickly garnered a hugely positive response online, racking up thousands of likes and retweets and plenty of encouragement from fellow animal lovers. Inspired by Standish's example, many took to social media to urge others in the area to offer help to their local shelters if they had the opportunity to do so. Meanwhile, Saving Grace reposted Standish's photo and has continued to share information on the dogs that still need to be fostered on Facebook. 

Standish isn't the only one going above and beyond to help protect animals from the oncoming storm. Other volunteer organizations and shelters are also continuing to step up their animal rescue efforts. In Florence, South Carolina,  Lucky Dog Animal Rescue was able to pick up 55 dogs and 22 cats and transport them north to Washington, D.C., where, per NBC News, they are being placed with local foster families. Though the group hit some obstacles on their journey, they were able to reach their destination with the help of some volunteers from another rescue transport in Lexington, South Carolina. 

These stories are a reminder of the importance of making our four-legged friends a priority in the face of a natural disaster.  But they're also only the latest example of how communities are coming together in the wake of Hurricane Florence. Aside from those fostering pets, many are also taking to social media to offer free housing to people forced to evacuate from their homes. 


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