Med Student Will Celebrate Her Graduation By Marrying Her Diploma In Mock Wedding Ceremony

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Angie Hamouie is planning a wedding for May 13, 2017, but in place of a partner, the 27-year-old plans to marry her medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

In an event she's calling a "Graduwedding" Hamouie plans to celebrate the end of med school with all of her family and friends who helped her along the way. She's even created her own page on The Knot for the event and describes it as follows: "It's unlike any graduation party ever. A graduation is a person walking across a stage and accepting a really expensive piece of paper. But a ~Graduwedding~ is so much more-- It's the union of two souls, in this case Angie and her Medical Degree (MD)."


Zainab Ghwari

While this may sound silly, we totally understand Hamouie's desire to celebrate her accomplishments, which include "three degrees and nine years of higher education," with a big party. Just like a typical couple's wedding website, Hamouie's page on The Knot tells a story, though instead of detailing the ins and outs of a relationship, she explains everything she went through (including, studying for 14 hours a day, 5 days a week, and working part-time) in order to get successfully graduate medical school.

The idea for this unique bash came to Hamouie after she matched with her chosen residency program; obstetrics and gynecology at Georgetown University. 

"I was so elated that I had gotten into my dream residency program and knew that I wanted to celebrate this big time," Hamouie told A Plus. "I worried though that folks wouldn't take my party seriously because it was 'only' a graduation. So I thought, well, folks go all out for their weddings... if I pretend to marry my diploma maybe that would make it clear how much this moment means to me."

Zainab Ghwari

Her graduwedding will include all the traditional staples — dancing, speeches, cake, and even a "wedding-style" dress for the bride. Even with all of those bells and whistles, Hamouie's graduwedding will be a bargain compared to medical school tuition. The average cost of a wedding for couples in the United States is $26,645, while the median four-year cost of medical school (including expenses and books) was $278,455 for private schools, and $207,866 for public schools in 2013.

For Hamouie, the graduwedding and the conversation it has started was well worth the expense.

"The goal of the Graduwedding is to make people pause to think why we don't celebrate graduations as big as weddings, even though they represent so much. A graduation in a lot of ways is analogous to a marriage... both are life-long partnerships and both transform an individual for the better," she told A Plus. 

"I support anyone who wants to get educated, get married, both, or neither. I just think that women are quietly pressured to pick one or the other: marriage or a career. And when weddings are so extravagantly celebrated as compared to graduations, it sends a clear message on what we're expected to prioritize. So the message I want to send with the Graduwedding is that a degree is a huge accomplishment and that it should be celebrated as such."


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