A Post About A Gymnast Suggested She Couldn’t Be A Feminist And Beautiful At The Same Time. The Internet Flipped Out.

Beautiful and talented, and also a feminist.

Olympic gymnast Angelina Romanovna Melnikova has beauty and brains. And a silver medal to prove it.

The 16-year-old from Russia is also a proud feminist. But her recent Instagram post, in which she wore an "Everybody Should Be Feminist" T-shirt, sort of made the Russian Olympic Committee flip out.

"Maybe a feminist, but beautiful and talented," a translated post by the committee read after Melnikova's post ... and was then deleted shortly after, causing many to question if the committee was suggesting one couldn't be all three things simultaneously.


That comment set the fire under feminists around the globe, who quickly came to the teenage Olympian's defense, which caused the committee to revise its earlier sentiments to say "Yes, a feminist! Beautiful and talented!"

Instead of shutting her down, the committee's reaction following her Instagram post last week only seemed to reaffirm Melnikova's feminist beliefs. Just one day ago she posted yet another image rocking the feminist tee as she stood in a powerful stance, arms spread wide, with Spain as the beautiful backdrop to her empowering image — proving that there are no limits to what a feminist can be or what they can stand for.

(H/T: Glamour)


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