Babies Go On The Most Incredible Adventures Thanks To One Photographer's Creative Mind

Dinosaurs, whales, and unicorns, oh my!

From flying with dinosaurs, to playing jump rope with bears, one adorable baby's pretty busy living in a whimsical world her grandmother, Angela Forker, dreams up.

Forker, a photographer, began taking photos of her grandchild Ricky five years ago and developed her photo series Baby ImaginArt, featuring babies in adventurous scenes, like running from a Tyrannosaurus Rex and riding a unicorn through the sky. According to HuffPost, Forker was inspired by another photographer's baby art; it "woke up the creativity inside of me and inspired me to try something new and exciting," Forker says. 


Now, Forker has two grandchildren — 5-year-old Ricky, and 5-month-old Daisy. Together, they explore an imaginary world, and Forker captures memories they'll surely cherish for a lifetime. She also shoots for other families and their children under her photography business, Precious Baby Photography

"As impractical as it is spending so much time on a setup that I will probably only use once, this is a great way that I can unleash all of this creativity that swirls around in my head," she tells HuffPost. "I also get great satisfaction knowing that those parents can say, 'Our photographer created this scene just for our baby.' It's impractical, but very gratifying."

On her website, Forker adds that she spent years learning about the art and safety of her craft, and it all helps to capture such a precious moment in time for these families.

"I especially love capturing newborn babies and transforming their photos into timeless pieces of art — artwork you will cherish for a lifetime!" she explains.

And evidently, it's resonating with people.

"This is so stinking cool!" one person comments on Forker's Facebook page

Check out some of Forker's work below and find out more on her website, here


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